Bea Wray has dazzled audiences for 20 years speaking about entrepreneurship, leadership, and women in business.


"I love supporting entrepreneurs and have done so for more than 25 years.   My 25+ year career has been as a founder, investor, mentor, executive director of non-profit supporting entrepreneurs, chair of for profit entrepreneur practice group, host of entrepreneurial events,  etc." - Bea Wray

You were a BIG HIT at our Spring Fling!! Everyone enjoyed your presentation and identified with different points of your experience. I know I certainly did. You are such a talented speaker, addressing your audience with eye contact and radiating your enthusiasm.
— Alberta Fillingim/Candler School of Nursing Alumni


Find out about Bea's success as an authority on entrepreneurship, business, and leadership.

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When Bea speaks, she gets up there and she speaks from the heart. She doesn’t need a script. She’s got great use of props and she totally engages the audience.

Bea Strickland Wray

Co-Founder, Millennial Women Network
Fellow, Aspen Global Leadership Network

An innovation expert, Bea helps thought leaders share their stories, passions and knowledge as they invent, launch, and promote new products. As the former Chair of the Entrepreneurship Practice Group at Advantage Media Group, ForbesBooks, Bea further leveraged the wisdom and experience of these innovators through branding, visibility, and marketing efforts substantiated by the ForbesBooks brand name.

Bea is an innovator herself.  She successfully built and eventually sold SourceHarbor Inc.  Along the way, she expanded the company to serve thousands of clients internationally, and has consulted with hundreds of startups. Bea served as the Executive Director of The Creative Coast, a regional non-profit building the innovation economy in Savannah, Georgia where she hosted TEDxCreative Coast and the innovation conference known as GeekEnd. Her years of energy and effort are an immediate benefit to entrepreneurs across 26 countries and throughout the United States.

Bea's upcoming book, titled What Harvard Taught Me, But My Kids Made Me Learn, is expected to arrive late in 2019. She is looking forward to sharing how her experiences as a mother of three taught her how to negotiate, communicate, and adapt in the business world.

Bea holds an MBA with Distinction from Harvard Business School, is a summa cum laude graduate of Emory University, and is one of South Carolina’s prestigious Liberty Fellows of the Aspen Global Leadership Network. She is a frequent keynote speaker on innovation, entrepreneurship and business growth, and an inspiring contributor to various publications, including, The Grindstone, and The Savannah Morning News.