When I walked out of Harvard Business School with my MBA focusing on Entrepreneurial Studies securely in my hands, I knew I had it covered. I had been taught by the best minds in academics and business and had voraciously absorbed everything they had to share. Over the years, that knowledge helped me create a series of successful entrepreneurial ventures. I am forever grateful for my stellar education.

But, with all due respect to Harvard...

But, with all due respect to Harvard...

...motherhood was what really taught me how to negotiate, communicate in the business world, think on my feet and adapt to ever-changing circumstances. Raising three kids is undoubtedly the best training ground I could have for understanding what it takes to succeed and thrive in the entrepreneurial universe. Those lessons traveled directly from the playroom to the boardroom.

At some point I realized my children have been my greatest driver in my business for nearly 20 years.

Being a Mother

I started to scan back over my career of things that I do well and thank you notes that I received or companies we were able to fund or exits we were able to make or wonderful events that pulled off well or speakers we've recruited and I thought, “What did I do here?” What skill do I have?”... and then, “Where did I get that skill?” Interestingly the answer was not “At Harvard Business School, as an entrepreneur, as a mentor, an investor, board advisor, etc. Over and over the answer to the question, “Where did I learn what I needed to succeed in Business?” was: “Being a Mother!”

What I'll Touch on

  • Collaboration
  • Strategic Planning 
  • Motivational and inspirational stories to other parents who have taken time off
  • Gratitude 
  • Repeating your story
  • Listening twice
  • Focus